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AUSTRALIA – Alternative Australian Visa Options in Light of Reduced Skills List

Recent changes to Australia’s Skilled Occupation List mean that fewer people qualify for visa status in Australia as skilled independent visa holders. Furthermore, the Migration Occupations in Demand List no longer exists. These changes make Australian immigration more difficult. One alternative is sponsorship by an Australian State or Territory, under which relatives may sponsor as dependents. The second option is the provisional 475 visa, which may be an alternative to the Skilled Occupation List. A detailed description of the requirements for each of these visas is listed below:
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UNITED STATES – USCIS Updates Case Processing Times

April 19, 2010
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The four U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regional offices have issued updated processing times. The general trend seems to be slightly faster processing times for most employment-based case types. As the economy has struggled, fewer petitions have been filed. This has enabled USCIS to move cases faster through the process to final adjudication. As the economy begins to improve and the volume of employment-based sponsorship increases, USCIS will need to maintain proper staffing levels to avoid having processing times backslide.
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