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CANADA – Priority Occupation List Changing

Canada is restructuring its Priority Occupation List.? Discussions on this issue indicate that a number of occupations that were previously eligible will now be taken off the list.? The priority occupation list comprises the positions that the Canadian Government deems to be most in demand (i.e., hardest to fill with Canadian Citizens).? The positions that will be removed are likely going to be those not considered professional-level jobs.? Once the new occupation list is released, we will provide an update.
Because of the suffering global economy, Canada’s unemployment rate has been on the rise.?According to Canada’s Labour Force Survey, unemployment in Canada has risen to 8.2%.?While unemployment in Canada is not as severe as it is in the United States, it signifies a surplus of job seekers.?This change to the priority occupation list is an effort by Canadian officials to help its citizens find open positions that might have otherwise been filled by talent from another country.
This change is scheduled to take effect on May 1, 2010.