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U.S. businesses, especially tech companies, cannot find enough skilled labor to fill the open positions. Many companies have discovered hiring foreign nationals is the solution. Others have no idea how to go about hiring foreign nationals.

How do H-1B visas work? Should the immigrant be an employee or a contractor? How do I assess a foreign national?s visa eligibility? How will the current changes in U.S. law regarding foreign nationals affect my business?

Graham Adair can provide the source expert who can speak authoritatively on successfully navigating the complexities of hiring foreign nationals. Graham Adair is one of the few attorney firms that specializes solely in helping business comply with immigration laws.

If you?re looking for a source expert in?

  • Complying with the laws of foreign national hiring.
  • U.S. business immigration strategies
  • Non-foreign national visas vs. foreign national visas
  • How foreign nationals affect mergers and acquisitions
  • Deciding whether to hire foreign nationals as a contractor or employee
  • Naturalization

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