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We practice immigration law so that our client’s businesses are not bound by borders. We are passionate about what we do and committed to the success of each of our clients; and we are driven to exceed all expectations.

While our main priority is business immigration, we can handle a variety of immigration cases including assisting clients as they prepare for naturalization. We provide our services through offices located in San Jose, CA, Austin, TX, Lehi, UT, and through a network of partner offices throughout the world.

Experience That Works for You

Graham Adair attorneys are highly experienced in all things immigration law. We put that experience to work for you so that your success is not hindered by complex regulations that can be difficult to understand and to comply. We work with clients in a variety of professional industries, applying our knowledge and experience on their behalf.

Business Immigration

We specialize in business immigration throughout the United States and Worldwide. We assist clients bringing foreign workers into the U.S. following the legal process. It is important that your organization maintain legal compliance at all times to avoid jeopardizing your organization and your foreign national employees.



The H-1B visa is one of the most commonly utilized visas among our clients. The H-1B is the visa that allows foreign-born workers to come to this country on a temporary basis. We can guide you and your workers through the application process with expert advice and representation.

If another type of visa is more appropriate to your workers, we will appropriately direct you to pursue an alternative visa application. We can help you and your employee decide what is the correct visa for their needs.

Arrival and Departure

U.S. immigration law requires foreign nationals to document their arrival and departure using the I-94 Arrival/Departure Record, also known as Form I-94. It is important to verify that I-94s are completed correctly at the time of entry. We advise that employees verify their I-94 by visiting every time they enter the U.S. We can assist, along with all the other government forms required to facilitate employee immigration.


Immigration Compliance

Even after foreign-born workers are granted legal access to work in the U.S., your obligations as an employer do not cease. Immigration law requires you to do certain things for as long as you employ foreign-born workers. We ensure that you are in compliance throughout the time that you employ foreign nationals.

Green Cards

Foreign-born workers who want to stay beyond the limits of their nonimmigrant visas must obtain a green card. Also known as the I-551, the green card, grants the holder permanent resident status in the U.S. Obtaining a green card follows a complicated USCIS process, a process with which our experienced attorneys are happy to assist.



There may come a time when your foreign workers decide to become U.S. citizens. In order to do so, foreign-born persons must go through a prescribed naturalization process that begins with determining eligibility. Our expert immigration attorneys are here to guide applicants through the process and prepare them for the naturalization exam.

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Infrequently clients will do exactly what they are expected to do to secure their visa and still be denied by the USCIS. Denials are uncommon; however, there may be a basis for appeal. We make it general practice to appeal denials, file motions to reopen, motions to reconsider, or refile cases as needed. We are in your corner until all options have been fully exhausted.

Immigration law is necessary to control U.S. borders. It is a tool our government uses to maintain national security. In light of that, bringing foreign workers into the country is as much about legal compliance is anything else. If you have any intention of hiring foreign workers, we can ensure that you are compliant in this effort.

At Graham Adair, business immigration is our main priority. Our attorneys have many years of combined experience assisting clients in a variety of professional sectors. We know business immigration law inside and out. We are here to offer you sound legal representation supported by extensive knowledge, experience, and genuine passion.

For all your business immigration needs, contact Graham Adair. We are eager to get to work on your behalf.


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