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CANADA – Special Visa Program for Mexican Business Visitors Created

Canada imposed visa restrictions on those travelling from Mexico to Canada last year. This policy angered Mexican authorities and damaged the relationship between the governments of the two U.S. neighbors. The visa restrictions were imposed to reduce the number of refugees from Mexico applying for valid status in Canada.

A special visa program for business visitors from Mexico has been implemented. The new Business Express Program was created to enable qualified businesses and their employees to benefit from more efficient visa processing. Specifically, they will be encumbered less paperwork, will benefit from priority processing of visa applications, and will have a dedicated service team to respond to specific issues. This new program will also allow Mexican business visitors to have their visa applications processed within twenty-four hours.

The program is designed to benefit individuals employed by companies in Mexico who have a documented need for regular business travel to Canada and makes use of Canadian businesses, such as using short term apartments for rent Scarborough based, as well as other locations. Participation in the program is by invitation only. Companies with good immigration track records will be identified and invited by the Embassy of Canada to register for the program. This means that companies wishing to participate should be sure they are in full compliance with Canadian immigration law in all aspects. Namely, their employees must be admissible, their employees have previously travelled to Canada and adhered to Canada?s immigration laws, and they have a significant number of business visitors working with Canadian businesses.

So far, the embassy has invited 113 companies to enroll. Qualified applicants can apply for visas at visa application centers in Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara.

Canada has recognized that Mexico is one of its largest trading partners, and this program is intended to help Mexican and Canadian companies cooperate in renewing economic growth.