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Does Your Company Have a Solid Business Immigration Strategy?

Does Your Company Have a Solid Business Immigration Strategy

Occasionally bringing in one or two immigrant workers on an H-1B visa doesn’t have to be a big deal. With the help of skilled immigration attorneys, it’s not. But a company bringing in hundreds of workers and spending millions of dollars on immigration is in an entirely different situation. That level of immigration calls for a solid business immigration strategy.

Does your company have such a strategy in place? If not, do your executive management and HR teams continually struggle with business immigration requirements? It might be time to begin working with an immigration specialist to put together a solid strategy that includes regular reviews of company immigration policies. 

What Constitutes a Solid Strategy

A solid business immigration strategy is more than just a plan for filing visa applications. Employment and business visas are actually just a small part of a much larger equation. Never forget that immigration law is complex. It also changes frequently. Companies looking to bring immigrant workers into this country must consider cost, timing, employee needs, company needs, and legal compliance.

A solid strategy includes:

  • An understanding of all applicable visas.
  • A process for creating and managing records.
  • Procedures for tracking employment authorization.
  • Procedures for verifying compliance.
  • Policies defining conditions for employment.
  • Processes for assisting immigrant workers with paperwork.

A solid business immigration strategy also includes a working relationship with business immigration attorneys. Doing business immigration right often requires legal assistance. Whether that means hiring staff attorneys or collaborating with a firm like Graham Adair, legal assistance should be sacrosanct. 

How to Establish a Business Immigration Strategy

A company’s business immigration strategy can be as complicated as U.S. immigration law itself. Establishing a strategy is a matter following a multi-step process. Here are the steps:

1. Assess Immigration Needs

The first step is to assess the company’s immigration needs. What are the workforce gaps management intends to fill with immigrant workers? What types of positions would benefit more from immigration than internal recruitment? Above and beyond immediate issues, it’s important to assess the company’s future plans and their impact on employment and recruiting.

2. Assess Visa Needs

Next up is assessing a company’s visa needs. There are multiple types of employment visas with dozens of options combined. Work visas are issued based on skill sets, experience, job type, and so forth. Simply put, only specific visas apply in most situations. Companies need to know what types of visas their immigrant workers will need to obtain.

3. Create Written Policies

The third step, creating written policies, is the most comprehensive and time-consuming step. A full range of policies covering everything from hiring procedures to how relocation is managed are necessary. We recommend having policies reviewed by either a skilled immigration attorney or an experienced immigration consultant.

4. Create Internal Systems and Processes

Following the creation of written policies, management and HR need to create the internal systems and processes necessary to implement those policies. Additional systems and procedures are necessary to ensure ongoing compliance. Note that a company’s business immigration strategy is only as strong as its internal systems and procedures.

5. Analysis and Reporting

The final step is creating and implementing a means of analysis and reporting. Policies, systems, and procedures should be monitored and tracked with consistency. Generating regular reports keeps management in the loop. Report data can also assist immigration attorneys tasked with maintaining compliance.

If your company is heavily involved in business immigration, a solid business immigration strategy is a must. Likewise for having a working relationship with business immigration attorneys. Graham Adair attorneys know immigration law inside and out. We would be honored to be your company’s immigration law firm.

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