This afternoon the U.S. Department of State published the February 2012 Visa Bulletin, showing significant movement in the EB-2 category for nationals of both India and China. The priority dates jumped forward a full year, from January 1, 2009 to January 1, 2010. This marks the second month in a row for significant movement in the EB-2 category.? Between the last two months, the EB-2 category has advanced nearly 2 years. This movement in priority dates will open the floodgates for many individuals to file for U.S. lawful permanent residence status starting on February 1.


Again, like last month, the EB-3 category did not see any significant movement in the new visa bulletin; there continues to be significant retrogression for all nationalities in the EB-3 category. The priority date for nationals of China in the EB-3 category moved forward from October 15, 2004 to December 1, 2004. For Indian nationals in the EB-3 category, the priority date moved forward a meager seven days to August 15, 2002. For all other nationalities in the EB-3 category, the priority date advanced 21 days to February 22, 2006.


Graham Adair will be working with clients who have priority dates that will become current on February 1, 2012 to ensure that their cases are ready to file and to keep their permanent residence process moving forward.? There is some concern that the recent monumental advancements could result in a visa bulletin surprise wherein
priority dates move back significantly.? Therefore, it is important to file as close to February 1 as possible.


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