Visa workers’ I-94s govern how long they can work in the U.S. legally. The incidence of errors made by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) remains fairly common. CBP officers often make mistakes such as shortening the length of one’s visa status, or entering the wrong type of visa class. Historically, foreign nationals have had to visit a CBP Deferred Inspections Office in person to request a correction in these instances. Some CBP offices are now offering an email solution to request I-94 corrections.

This is a fairly new process with only 12 (out of 70) CBP Deferred Inspections office releasing an email address. Some additional CBP offices will accept email submissions if first contacted by phone. Other offices require the applicant to complete a form and provide documentation. These solutions have served to simplify the I-94 correction process.

We highly advise that all foreign nationals who travel abroad to always check their I-94 information upon re-entry to the United States.