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Sam Adair and Chad Graham Speak to Several Publications on Trump?s H-1B Executive Order

Sam Adair and Chad Graham spoke to several publications after President Trump released his ?Buy American, Hire American? executive order.

Sam Adair was quoted in Cora Lewis?s BuzzFeed News?article “Trump’s “Hire American” Order?Could Be Good News For Silicon?Valley,? Laura Meckler?s Wall Street Journal article “Trump Signs Order?Calling for Changes in?H-1B Visa Rules,? Matt Drange?s Forbes article “Trump Signals ‘America First,’?Silicon Valley Second With?Work Visa Reform,” and Laura Francis’s?Bloomberg BNA?article “Trump’s Hire American Order Could Be Good for Employers.”?

Chad Graham was quoted in Sean Higgins?s Washington Examiner article “Trump calls for?crackdown on foreign?workers and products.?

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