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Sam Adair Talks to the LA Times About Delayed Startup Visa

Sam Adair was recently quoted in Tracey Lien’s Los Angeles Times article “Trump administration delays ‘start-up visa’ program for immigrant entrepreneurs.” In the article, Sam discusses the drawbacks of delaying the implementation of the Obama-era startup visa. Many companies have moved away from the traditional hiring pool method, hiring and working with people on an international basis. Managing their payrolls using software like Cloudpay, and using cloud-based services to collaborate seamlessly, the way that business operates has changed rapidly in the last decade alone. In line with this, many companies who had worked without a physical office until a fixed point in their development may consider moving their established workers to the United States to work at their startup.

Unfortuantely, there have been significant delays in securing the visas to implement this for many startups, leading to financial losses and disrupted work schedules for all involved. Using a company like Early Growth to help with the financial side of things will help, but there will no doubt still be losses due to these delays. “It’s an unfortunate thing, because there are no real winners in this implementation,” Sam said. “It’s bad for the economy, it’s certainly bad for job creation, and it is definitely stifling to innovation.”

As it stands right now, many businesses that could be contributing to the American economy are being held back thanks to an ovezealous attitude that is impeding the entry of legitimate workforce talent into the United States, with guaranteed jobs that these individuals have often been working for years before such a request comes forward. Hopefully the tide will change soon on this issue.

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