The Swiss Federal Council has released the following work permit quotas effective January 1, 2018:


Non-EU (European Union)/EFTA (European Free Trade Area) Nationals

  • B Permits: 3500 long term permits (an increase of 500);
  • L Permits: 4500 short term permits (no increase);

EU/EFTA Nationals

  • B Permits: 500 long term permits (an increase of 250);
  • L Permits: 3000 short term permits (an increase of 1000).


The above permits apply for assignments of greater than four months or 120 days.?

In light of the increased and consistent demands for work permits in Switzerland, the increase in quota levels may still not be enough to meet the demand.? Shortages are still expected towards the end of the next calendar year once the quota levels run low.

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