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Switzerland: New Quotas for Work Permit Applications in 2019

The Federal Council of Switzerland announced that new quotas for work permit applications submitted during the 2019 calendar year will be released on January 1, 2019.

Non-EU (European Union)/EFTA (Europeans Free Trade Area) Nation or Foreigners Seconded from an Employer Based Outside the EU/EFTA

  • 4,000 authorizations for ?L? short-term permits (a decrease of 500 permits)
  • 4,500 authorizations for ?B? long-term permits (an increase of 1,000 permits)

EU/EFTA Nationals or Foreigners Seconded from an Employer Based Inside the EU/EFTA

  • 3,000 authorizations for ?L? short-term permits (no change)
  • 500 authorizations for ?B? long-term permits (no change)

The above permit quotas apply to assignments of more than four (4) months or 120 days. Companies who are planning on potentially hiring or transferring non-EU-EFTA nationals and EU-EFTA nationals seconded to Switzerland in the 2019 calendar year will be affected.

Applicants representing the most important economic interest for Switzerland will be given preference, including executives, companies operating in the innovation sector which develop new mandates for the Swiss economy, sectors of activity with a severe lack of resources, and cases involving a high level of political implications. It is important to plan well in advance. Plan on submitting important applications well in advance of the end of the calendar year and of each quarter.

Please contact a Graham Adair attorney for further details.