We reported last month that USCIS issued a notice regarding a scam wherein some companies and individuals who had filed recent petitions received phone calls saying that errors were made and payment was required to correct immigration records. It has come to our attention that similar scams are ongoing.


?A recent one involves a scammer calling the individual’s home from a number that shows up on caller ID as 911. The caller claims that there was some deficiency in the initial petition, that the individual is undocumented, and that s/he, therefore, has been scheduled for deportation. To get updated documentation and avoid deportation, the person is told to pay a fee over the phone.

It is not clear how scammers are getting personal contact information. We will continue to work with AILA and USCIS to determine how this can be avoided. If you are targeted by this or another scam, please contact us so that we can help you report it to the Federal Trade Commission.