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Expansion of Visa Appointments in India and a Plan to Reduce Visa Wait Times

The U.S. Mission to India has announced 250,000 additional B1/B2 visa appointments. This move is possible due to the creation of special Saturday interviews, which is part of a larger effort to reduce wait times for first-time visa applicants. The hope is that this effort will eventually open up to interviews for other types of U.S. visas.

Embassies and Consulates in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad all opened consular operations on Saturday, and there are plans to continue to open additional slots for appointments on select Saturdays. The plan also includes several additional prongs, including:

  • Expansion of interview waiver cases for applicants with previous U.S. visas.
  • Transfer of temporary consular officers from Washington and other embassies to India to increase processing capacity.
  • Increased hiring of consular officers permanently assigned to the Embassy and Consulates in India.
  • Consulate in Mumbai has extended its weekday operating hours to make space for additional appointments.

The goal is to have the U.S. Mission to India operating at this fully expanded capacity by this summer.

B1/B2 visas are granted to individuals who wish to travel to the United States for business or tourism purposes. The additional visas will provide more opportunities for Indian citizens to visit the United States for business meetings, conferences, and other professional engagements, as well as for tourism and leisure.

The U.S. Mission to India has stated that the additional appointments will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis, and that the process for applying for a B1/B2 visa will remain the same for now.

The move to issue additional B1/B2 visas is a positive step in strengthening the economic ties between India and the United States. It will provide more opportunities for Indian businesses and professionals to engage with their counterparts in the United States and vice versa. Additionally, it will also promote tourism, which is a significant contributor to the economies of both countries.

The relationship between India and the United States has been growing stronger in recent years, and this move to issue additional B1/B2 visas is a reflection of that. It is expected to further boost economic relations between the two countries and provide more opportunities for people-to-people interactions.

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