Earlier this month, we were excited to share with you that the USCIS would be allowing for e-filing of H-1B cap-subject petitions. On Wednesday, January 24, 2023, USCIS held a webinar for legal representatives on their new online organization accounts rollout. The enhancements to their online account system, which include the ability to file H-1B petitions and premium processing requests online, go live February 2024, just in time for the FY2025 H-1B registration period and H-1B cap season petition filings.

USCIS hopes that these new features will foster further collaboration between legal representatives and H-1B petitioning companies. With the rollout, H-1B petitioning companies will assume a larger role in the H-1B registration process and online filing system with the creation of company groups. Each company group will have one or more administrator who has the authority to pay for and file petitions on behalf of the company as well as group members.

As of now, there are limitations to the new organization accounts system that will render law firms unable to implement on a large scale. For instance, concurrent filing of H-1B petitions and H-4 dependent applications is not going to be available in February, and the ability to upgrade a paper I-129 petition to premium processing will also not be available in February.

USCIS’s mission to modernize its filing system is a welcome sign that other filing and case processing enhancements may be coming in the near future. We are monitoring these changes and will provide updates as they are available.

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