Today, the four USCIS regional offices?have issued updated processing times.

The most noteworthy changes are with regard to the processing times for H-1B petitions at the California and Vermont service centers.? Until today, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ (USCIS) website had listed processing times for new H-1B petitions and H-1B extensions at two months.? In practice, we were seeing a much longer wait for approvals.

The California Service Center now shows an effective date of October 27, 2011, or slightly less than four months, for all H-1B petitions.? The Vermont Service Center is even further behind, with an effective date of October 2, 2011.

Other non-immigrant case types, including L-1s, TNs, Os, Ps, E-1/2s, and H-2A/Bs have not seen changes in processing times over the past several months.


On the immigrant visa side, the Nebraska Service Center continues to list?processing times for?I-140s and I-485s at 4 months.? This includes EB-1 petitions for Extraordinary Ability and Outstanding Researchers.


The Texas Service Center is taking longer to adjudicate I-140s and I-485s, with listed processing times of June 29, 2011 and April 3, 2011, respectively.? This means that applicants for Lawful Permanent Status can expect to wait about?ten and a half months.


To view the processing time of other case types not discussed here, please visit:;jsessionid=cab8BH8TCZBdC


* Please note that the processing time for an I-485 only applies to applicants whose priority?dates are current.