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How to Improve Your Business Immigration Prospects for 2024

How to Improve Your Business Immigration Prospects for 2024

A tight labor market that shows no signs of easing continues to put strain on employers unable to find the necessary talent here at home. The search for talent overseas isn’t helped at all by the U.S. immigration process, as many of our clients have experienced firsthand. So heading into the new year, it might be in your best interests to improve your organization’s business immigration prospects.

How do you do that? It is not a matter of implementing a single policy or procedure. Rather, it’s a matter of stepping back and assessing how you handle business immigration from start to finish. A proper assessment will reveal pain points executive management can address as well as successes that can be leveraged for the future.

1. Hook Up With Business Immigration Attorneys

One of the first things we recommend is hooking up with business immigration attorneys. Look around for a law firm you can develop a long-term relationship with. Business immigration attorneys are experts in things like H-1B visas and the annual H-1B lottery. The legal expertise they can offer could prove valuable to your business immigration efforts in 2024.

2. Plan for a Comprehensive Audit

Although improving your business immigration prospects is a worthwhile endeavor, you don’t want to jump into anything without figuring out where your organization currently is. Plan to do a comprehensive audit as early in the year as possible. Your goal is to thoroughly examine your business immigration processes and policies.

An audit will help identify inefficiencies. It will reveal bottlenecks in the system, redundant practices, and areas of weakness that only slow things down. The results of a comprehensive audit will pave the way for any changes your organization decides to make.

3. Make a Commitment to Staying Informed

It has been our experience that many organizations in need of business immigration attorneys are sorely lacking in up-to-date information. This isn’t a slight on employers. Rather, it is a reminder of just how frequently U.S. immigration law changes. As a specialist immigration law firm, we need to put a lot of effort into staying up to date. We understand how difficult it is for our clients simply because they don’t specialize in the law.

At any rate, your organization can improve its business immigration prospects for 2024 by making a commitment to staying informed. Select a point person to monitor for any rule changes. That person can also keep an eye on legislative efforts, court cases, and other points of interest.

4. Work on HR Improvements

Finally, commit to working on HR improvements that go above and beyond assisting foreign nationals in their attempts to successfully immigrate. In other words, take care of them once they arrive. Make sure they have a positive experience so that they will want to renew their visas. Make sure that, upon returning home, they have nothing but good to say about your organization.

We suggest:

  • Working on improving communication channels.
  • Developing training programs and resources for the HR team.
  • Implementing new technology that makes HR more efficient.
  • Looking for ways to improve how immigrant workers are onboarded.

Our experience tells us that U.S. employers will continue depending on foreign born employees to fill the skills gaps they are currently experiencing. As long as there are overseas workers willing to come here to work, business immigration remains a high priority.

Here at Graham Adair, business immigration is our specialty. Contact us for assistance with H-1B visas, the annual lottery system, or even advice on completing and submitting paperwork for your foreign-born employees.

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